Thank you for taking a brief pause from your design needs and taking a moment to look over how Design Concepts is actively working with various organizations to improve local and international communities.

Compassion for others is our driving force at Design Concepts. We are grateful for our opportunities to live a life we love, but we know all are not as fortunate. This is why 10% of our profits are donated to several local and international non-profit organizations that provide aid and empowerment to others. When you work with Design Concepts, you too, are sharing in the spirit of generosity.  The contribution of your purchases work to provide financial sustainability, educational opportunities, equal health rights as well as an overall improved quality of life and community for others. 

Local Non-Profits

Clayton Children's Center:

"Clayton Children's Center has been providing loving care and quality education to children in the town of Clayton for over 30 years. Here, every child is provided the opportunity to socialize, create, discover and build self-confidence as they master new skills."

San Joaquin Bike Coalition:

"The San Joaquin Bike Coalition is a comprehensive non-profit community organization. [The mission is] to promote bicycle safety and improve the means to use alternative transportation in San Joaquin County."




International Non-Profits


Open Hand: 

"The Mission of Open Hand, Inc. is to prevent poverty and human trafficking in third world countries through the use of micro loans which puts families on the path towards self-sufficiency."

Amigos of Costa Rica:

"Amigos of Costa Rica is a non-profit that raises charitable donations to support sustainable change in Costa Rica through four areas of action: education, competitive capacities building, environmental conservancy & technology.